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Customer Testimonials Customer Testimonials

Hi!! We love our Marine Dog leash! Here are some photos of Chip for your website. Thanks!

Yonkers, NY

Hi guys,

Here is the picture I promised you, these leashes saved my life, if it weren't for your leashes I wouldn't be able to bring Rudy all over the place. A Million Thanks!!!!!! Rudy won a few prizes!

Pauline & Rudy G

 Dear Anthony,

Thanks for the great leashes and for taking my order for a custom couplet. Thanks for your help.

Forest Hills, NY


We bought your 8 foot leash at the Guide Dog Walk. Its a great leash and here are the photos.



just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. My wife bought two leashes and two leads at the Sportsman Show in Harrisburg. We have three dogs, and for her these are lifesavers. She is able to walk all three dogs with no problem. Also the kids are able to walk the dogs and we don't have to worry about the dogs pulling them down the road. It is easy for the kids to have control over the dogs as well. Thanks a million for such great products.

Rob and Kat Bartley

Dear Marine Dog Corp.,

I purchased one of your leads at the Pet Expo at Nassau Colleseum on Long Island. I have an Akita, who is very strong & has broken leather leashes. We are very pleased w/your lead. It gives me a feeling of security to know if she sees something in the bushes & lunges, that your lead won't break. Enclosed is a picture of Teriyaki's Asian Star of Tunisia, affectionately known as \"Myriah\" wearing your lead. They told me at the Pet Expo if I sent in a photo of her wearing your lead that you'd put her on your website. Thanks for a great product.

DeeDee Leal


My husband and I saw you at the dog show Sun. at Planting Fields. We discussed at length and you demonstrated the multi-purpose marine dog leash. Jerry walked our lab and golden last night and loved it and the real test came today when I tried it. The dogs together weigh more than I do and I was concerned about pulling. Well, I have to say the leash is TERRIFIC! The dogs had plenty of room to walk and really walked beautifully. I love the brake feature and the strength of the rope and clasps. This is a fabulous product, can't praise it enough. So glad I bought one and will check with my daughter to see if she'd would like one for her Rhodesians. Now, have you got a product that would be good for letting the dogs swim without tangling their feet. I let my black lab off leash to swim out for a floating bumper and he swam out to greet a kayaker and took his time coming back. Don't think he'll be off leash to do that again soon. Any suggestions on a long leash that floats? Thanks again for a great product!!!

Marianne and Jerry

Dear Tony,

This is the story our Marine Dog leashes.

It all started a number of years ago with me as a single father looking for things for me to do with my two children, Samantha and Alexander. I spotted the Old Westbury Kennel Club Dog Show in Oyster Bay at the Arboretum on the Internet and knew that it would be a winner.

We went on a Sunday and both children had a ball from the very start. Alex was introduced to helper dogs and little Sam (now a young lady) pet just about every dog there. While the children were picking out something to take home (small dog statuettes), I wandered into the Marine Dog kiosk and immediately selected a four foot leash in teal. You came over and asked if I needed any help. I asked for a matching collar. You asked me how big was my dog. I lied through my teeth and said “oh, she’s a big one.” You selected an appropriate collar and I made my purchases.

Outside, Sam said to me, “Hey Dad, what’d you get?” I opened the bag and showed her. She looked at me and said, “Dad, you don’t even have a dog. Why did you get that?” I said “Sam, for all of my adult life I’ve wanted a dog and for one reason or another I couldn\’t have one. One day I\’m going to have one and when that day happens, I\’ve got the perfect leash.” She looked at her father as if he were crazy and we proceeded to enjoy the rest of the show. The leash stayed on my shelf for a couple of years.

Some years later, I moved to Connecticut and remarried. For a wedding present, the children (my two and my wife’s two) got me a huge stuffed Golden Retriever. They presented it to me wearing my still unused Marine Dog leash. Later still, my wish finally came true and I got my dog. A beautiful Golden Retriever – one of those really light colored “Nordic” Golden Retrievers that Chris Durning raises up in Woodstock, Connecticut. He named himself “Crash” as he tends to bump into things. The Marine Dog leash was a little “heavy” for the pup, so we started using a lighter nylon web leash, but my wife, Thais, was soon using the Marine Dog leash. She said the Marine Dog leash was soooo comfortable on her hands compared to the other leashes we had.

That said, I called and ordered two more leashes, a six-footer, just because we live in an area where close healing is not usually necessary, and the fantastic eight-footer just because it does so many things so very well. We truly appreciate the quality of Marine Dog products every time we take Crash out for a walk and we speak of them in high regard to other dog owners.

The young lady in the enclosed picture is Samantha. She\’s holding six month old Crash on the original four foot Marine Dog leash (off the shelf for good).

Thanks for making a great product.
Crash, Michael and Thais Bonacorsa, Samantha and Alex Bonacorsa, and Madison and Griffin Burrows

Michael V. Bonacorsa, Esq.

I just want you to know that I love your leashes. I have three Newfoundlands, and have been using your 8 foot hands-free, with a 2 foot double line lead, to walk two of them at a time. When I work with a rescue, I will clip one end of the 8 foot to a training collar, and the other end to a buckle collar, to be sure I have a "backup plan" should one collar fail. You thought of everything in the design! I have been so impressed, that I have several for my own use, plus have purchased extras to give as Christmas gifts to friends.

You're doing it right!

Laurel Toft
owner, Powhatan Pet Sitter, LLC

I'm attaching a pic of me with a rescue we ended up adopting after we fostered her. She's sitting on one of your red 8 foot leads. :)


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