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Product Information Product Information

Please set aside the time to read the product information and safety precautions below before using Marine Dog® products.  Failure to follow product directions and safety precautions can result in serious injury.


Product Directions & Maintenance


Directions for Use


To attach, be sure to have your dog under control before attempting to attach lead/leash/rope.  With the lead/leash/rope clear from your legs and other limbs grab the dog collar firmly and attach the lead/leash/rope by retracting bolt snap and ensuring that it is secure.


To operate, hold the Marine Dog® lead/leash/rope by the handle, not the lead/leash/rope.  The lead/leash/rope may sag so maintain a safe and steady pace clear of any excess lead/leash/rope.


To walk and heal, use a firm steady grip to pull the lead/leash/rope back slowly and moderately.


For closer control, use the Marine Dog® healing lead.  NEVER grab or pull the lead/leash/rope or wrap it around your fingers.


To bring your Dog nearer, extend your arm toward the dog and with a firm steady grip pull the lead/leash/rope moderately and slowly so as to not excite the dog.  Repeat as necessary.


To detach the snap of the leash, ensure that your dog is under control and that the lead/leash/rope is clear from your legs as well as the legs of the dog.  Also ensure that there are no diversions to excite the dog.


If wet, leave the lead/leash/rope out to dry overnight.  After the lead/leash/rope is dry, set is aside in a safe place away from children.  This will prevent the lead/leash/rope from causing any bodily or facial harm in a routinely high traffic area as well as keep your children safe.


The Marine Dog® lead/leash/rope is for use by responsible adults only.


Cleaning & Maintenance


Dirt and salt can cause premature wear.  When exposed to these elements, wash with fresh water and allow lead/leash/rope to dry.  For excess dirt and grit, mix a little mild detergent with a little fabric softener in warm water.  Soak a clean sponge in the solution and lather the lead/leash/rope with sponge until the lead/leash/rope is wet … allow sitting time of 5 minutes, repeating the application again with warm water only.  Allow the lead/leash/rope standing time to dry completely.  Repeat process if necessary.  (DO NOT submerge the product in the solution … USE ONLY a sponge or clean cloth for application).


To clean bolt snaps, O-ring and clamps, a metal polish and cleanser is recommended.


DO NOT attempt to repair the Marine Dog® lead or lead as it may impair it's ability to perform.  Please contact Marine Dog ® at 1-516-805-5801 for product support or troubleshooting.


Marine Dog® Warranty


All Marine Dog® leashes & leads come with a limited lifetime warranty.  We will either refund or replace our product with exception to those leashes and leads that have been cut or chewed through.


Product Safety Precautions


Intended and Unintended Use


Marine Dog® leashes and leads are for responsible adult use only.  Keep out of reach of children.


Marine Dog® products are not toys.


The intended usage of Marine Dog® products is to assist you in leading and restraining your dog.  The product user is responsible for keeping the dog under control at all times.  The lead/leash/rope is for dogs that are controllable and well behaved.


DO NOT use this lead/leash/rope for disobedient or uncontrollable dogs.


DO NOT use this lead/leash/rope for dogs that exceed the specified weight.


DO NOT use this lead/leash/rope as a stationary (non-hand-held) leash to a pole or other fixed object.


DO NOT use this Marine Dog ® leash with any other product.


Before Use


ALWAYS examine the lead/leash/rope before each use.


Stop using the lead/leash/rope if it becomes frayed, damaged, shows signs of being chewed, or does not function properly.


Be sure the collar is strong enough to withstand the tension of the lead/leash/rope and a sudden stopping of the dog.


Be sure to have your dog under control before attaching the lead/leash/rope.


Securely fasten the lead/leash/rope hook to your dog’s collar before each use.


Hands free Lead/Leash/Rope recommendation


It is recommended that pregnant or lactating women not use this product due to the unpredictable nature of your pet.


Using the Lead/Leash/Rope Safely


Hold lead/leash/rope firmly by the handle.


NEVER allow the lead/leash/rope to become wrapped around fingers.  The lead/leash/rope may injure your fingers.


NEVER allow the lead/leash/rope to become wrapped around hands, arms, or legs.  The rope can injure or burn you or another person.


Wear long pants to avoid leg burns.


If the lead/leash/rope becomes wrapped around you or someone else drop the lead/leash/rope.


Keep the lead/leash/rope from wrapping around the dog’s neck and other body parts.


Always hold the lead/leash/rope with your arm down and extended away from your body.  Never hold the lead/leash/rope near your head.  The lead/leash/rope can be jerked rapidly by the dog and can injure the owner/handler of the dog.


When near other persons or animals, shorten the dog lead/leash/rope and keep your dog close to you and under control by your side.


If you lose control of your dog, drop the lead/leash/rope.


Do not allow the lead/leash/rope to be chewed or wear against trees, objects or other sharp rough surfaces.


Before detaching the lead/leash/rope be sure your dog is under control and the lead/leash/rope is clear from your legs.  If not fully clear, the dog may jerk rapidly and knock you off of your feet causing bodily harm or facial injury.

For additional information, call  1-516-797-7738!


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